Monitoring Services

Monitoring Services - Lakeshore Property Services will serve as your eyes and ears when you are away from your home. Often, homes that are empty for weeks and months at a time are more susceptible to break-ins or theft. A small problem that goes unnoticed and uncorrected can become a big expensive surprise when you arrive weeks or months later. You will enjoy the peace of mind that your property is being carefully looked after by feeling closely connected and up to date with the condition of your property. Your home will be visited weekly, bi-weekly, or different frequencies of your choice. The following actions will be accomplished and a detailed monitoring report with photos will be sent to you via mail or email. If the need arises, you will be contacted based on the severity of the problem to direct any necessary action.

Snow Services - Plow driveway to give appearance of occupancy
Check ice build-up on roof and eves
Check snow build-up on roof and determine if snow loads exceed structural limits

Inside - Check all windows and doors for security / evidence of tampering
Check for evidence of roof leaks
Check all walls and floors for water / odor problems
Check for evidence of insect / rodent / animal infestation
Check all plumbing fixtures for leaks
Check electrical panel for tripped or blown circuit breakers
Adjust light timers
Check HVAC system and adjust thermostat
Adjust window shades for maximum thermal efficiency for season
Any special request for photographic verification
Any other special instructions

Outside - Check for evidence of forced entry attempt or vandalism
Check for evidence of insect / rodent / animal infestation
Check for damage from fallen trees / branches
Check for wind damage to roof shingles, gutters, and downspouts
Check mailbox and front entry for mail and packages and retain / forward per instruction
Check for satisfactory landscape / grounds appearance and maintenance